Working Alone

Badminton Hutt Valley (BHV), being a responsible employer, whether the individual is Staff, Committee, contractor or volunteer, is concerned for the safety of all people working for us or at our facility. This Policy refers to Staff, Committee, contractors and volunteers who are working alone at our facility outside of standard working hours and working environment for the individual concerned. It does not relate to standard work as detailed in the individual’s Job Description which is, by its nature, frequently performed by the individual in a sole capacity. Our Health and Safety Policy should be read and understood for all activities in our facility whilst working alone or in any other situations.


Any Staff member needing to work at Badminton Hall (the Hall) or other work facility

  • Outside of their usual working hours AND
  • Are working alone

Must advise either their Reporting Officer, the Building Manager or other responsible adult by text or phone call when they arrive at the Hall and when they are leaving.

Also before visiting BHV or other facilities for lone working the individual must assess the risks and/or hazards involved and consider if this is the proper time to be carrying out the task/s.  Excluding the possibility of natural disaster what mitigation can be put in place to reduce any risk or hazard?

Tasks that are inherently high-risk activities must not be carried out by a lone worker under any circumstances.


Any Committee member and/or volunteer must advise the Building Manager or other responsible adult if they are working alone in the Hall by text or phone call when they arrive at the Hall and when they leave.  Tasks that are inherently high risk must not be carried out by a sole Committee member or volunteer.


When leaving the premises should anything occur that significantly delays your return to either your home or other destination you must take all practicable steps to advise the person originally contacted or another responsible adult of the delay.


Contractors working alone in our facility must have their own Health and Safety Policies, including Working Alone, and assess the risks working in our facility may offer.  BHV does not accept responsibility for harm occasioned by accident while the Contractor is working for BHV where the Contractor has not taken all practicable steps to mitigate any risk posed by the work being undertaken.