Use of Private Vehicles

The purpose of this policy is to set out the terms and conditions which apply to the use of personal vehicles for Badminton Hutt Valley (BHV) purposes.

  • For purposes of this policy, unless otherwise stated, the following is defined as used of personal vehicles for BHV purposes:
    • Paid employees travelling between badminton venues for work purposes.
    • Unpaid volunteers travelling between badminton venues for BHV purposes where it has been agreed in writing by a BHV Exec that this policy applies.
    • Travel to and from work is not included.
  • BHV may pay mileage or a negotiated amount if agreed prior to the commencement of travel.  The amount paid will be limited to the Inland Revenue Department “mileage rates” (i.e.per kilometre allowance).For trips over 25km the amount to be reimbursed will be reviewed and agreed with BHV prior to travel.
  • Drivers of vehicles for BHV purposes must:
    • Have a current full New Zealand driver’s licence which BHV has sighted and will be carried with themwhile driving.  The driver will immediately notify BHV if their licence conditions change e.g. it is cancelled,

      suspended or has limitations placed on it

    • Ensure the vehicle used for BHV purposes is registered, warranted and covered by a full insurance policy,including business use cover, proof of which must be provided on request.  The driver is responsible for

      payment of any excess or deductible amount payable for any insurance claims.

    • Notify BHV of any accidents or incidents
    • Only use mobile phones via a hands-free system
    • Ensure they are in a fit state to drive including not being under the influence or impaired by drugs andalcohol and being adequately rested to drive in a professional manner.
    • In all respects, comply with the terms and conditions of any Lease and/or Hire Purchase Agreementapplicable in respect of the vehicle
    • Ensure all conditions of any insurance policy on the vehicle are observed
    • Be responsible for any fines they incur eg: parking tickets, infringement notice and court fines.

Breaches of the above conditions will be treated seriously by BHV and may result in disciplinary action.