Lighting Application

Private Hire
Any person can play badminton at Hutt Valley Badminton Hall. There is an initial one-off charge of $30.00 for a key fob.

Casual Play
You can play on a casual basis anytime the Hall is not being used for Association activities. Bookings can be made on the control panel in the Hall or through the Internet. Bookings are not always essential, except during peak times, however any private booking may be cancelled if the Association requires the Hall/Courts.

Court costs are posted on the noticeboard outside the Office and are subject to change at any time. You must have a positive balance on your account for it to operate and this must cover the minimum period you have nominated for your card (generally half an hour). Rates for peak times are set at a higher rate than for off-peak hours. Peak time hours are 4.00 pm to 9.30 pm Monday to Friday and 7.30 am to 9.30 pm Saturday and Sunday. You may nominate your card to operate 2 or more courts at the same time.

Using courts without lights on may result in cancelation of your card without refund.

Topping Up Accounts
There is a posting box affixed to the steel post behind the Office (next to the downstairs Lounge) for cash payments. Pre-stamped envelopes are provided next to the posting box. Please ensure your details are filled out fully. The box is cleared daily, but allow 3 days for your deposit to be actioned.
Alternatively you can direct credit funds to our ANZ Bank account 06 0561 0859800 00.

Please email and provide your name, fob number and what the deposit is for i.e., lights, entry fees, etc. Allow 2-3 days.
This is NOT an instant service and will not be actioned if you ring.

Hall Hire
Groups or individuals can hire Badminton Hall at reasonable rates. We offer more than badminton, with table tennis and indoor bowls equipment available. Courts can be hired individually, as can the up-stairs lounge. Other areas are suitable for meetings or training seminars.

For all Hall enquiries contact Sandra on 04 566 6714 or 027 2491195

You can request lighting for the court below, please complete the form and then send payment as above.

Any account not used for three years will be voided and the funds become the property of Hutt Valley Badminton Association.

An annual account fee of $5 will be deducted from all accounts as an account administration fee. The first deduction will be 12 months from inception of the account.