Health & Safety

Badminton Hutt Valley (BHV) is committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment for its staff, Committee and volunteers, as well as a safe and enjoyable facility for its players and visitors.  It is the responsibility of all to follow the policies and procedures set out by BHV to ensure that these outcomes are attained.

In addition to this general Health and Safety Policy staff, Committee, volunteers, players, supporters and other visitors to this facility should be aware of our Evacuation Plan (Appendix 1), Hazard Identification (App 2), plus our policies pertaining to Working Alone, Child Protection, Code of Conduct and Use of Private Vehicles but not restricted to these Policies and Procedures. These are all available on our web site

Staff, Committee Members and Volunteers

BHV is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy work place where staff, Committee and volunteers can work unimpeded by hazards or other unsafe practices. It is inherent in much of our work that individuals work alone, either at our Hall or in other facilities used for the provision of badminton in our communities. This is different to our Working Alone policy intention in that this policy refers to our standard provisions when work is carried out during the individual’s standard working hours. However, our other Policies and Procedures as listed but not limited to those mentioned above and the individual’s Employment Contracts, must also be read and understood.

BHV undertakes to:

  • Provide and maintain a safe working environment for employees and others in the workplace;
  • Provide and maintain our facilities for the welfare of the employee and others while at work;
  • Provide all necessary training and instruction to employees and others;
  • Ensure equipment and machinery is safe;
  • Ensure working arrangements are not hazardous;
  • Provide procedures to deal with work emergencies;
  • Ensure health and safety employee engagement and participation are in place;
  • Consult and cooperate with others working in the same workplace/s to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Employees and others must follow BHV’s Health and Safety rules and procedures, taking reasonable care to look after their own health and safety at work, their fitness for work and the health and safety of others by:

  • Following all reasonable health and safety rules and instructions;
  • Participating in health and safety discussions;
  • Exercising their right to refuse to do unsafe work;
  • Taking care to ensure their actions, or in-actions, do not cause harm, or risk of harm, to themselves or others;
  • Not reporting for work if under the influence of alcohol or drugs that impair performance or fitness for work;
  • Wearing all necessary personal protective equipment and clothing;
  • Reporting any potential or real risks, incidents and near misses so that the employer can investigate and eliminate or minimise harm or risk of harm.

Contractors or Other Workers

Any contractor or other persons working in our facility must read and understand this Health and Safety policy and comply with the requirements of it as outlined for BHV employees, Committee members and volunteers.

Members, Players and Other Visitors

This Policy is to be read in conjunction with but not limited to our policies on Child Protection, Code of Conduct and Court Booking.

BHV is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable facility for all Members, players and visitors. It is the responsibility of all people visiting this facility to follow and comply with the terms and conditions set out below:

  • Any incidents, accidents or near misses must be reported as soon as practicable to BHV by email to
  • Players must use appropriate equipment and clothing
    • Appropriate footwear – clean, non-marking indoor court shoes
    • Comfortable, non-restricting clothing
    • Racquets specifically designed for badminton when playing badminton (or pickle ball paddles when playing pickle ball)
    • Approved badminton shuttlecocks (or pickle ball balls) are to be used. No other balls or other flying objects are permitted.
  • Keep all courts clear of any obstacles which may interfere with or cause injury during play
    • Clear shuttlecocks from the court area if not in use
    • Keep the immediate court surrounds clear to allow unimpeded “run-off” space
    • Avoid having other equipment or clothing on the courts during play unless part of a coaching or training session being conducted under the supervision of a BHV Coach
    • Keep other people clear of the courts during play, especially young children
    • Remove all rubbish and used shuttles from the court and surrounding areas once play is


    • Ensure the court surface is clean and dry before, during and after play
    • If dry mopping a court all dust and debris is to be swept up and placed in a rubbish bin
    • Nets must not be leaned or swung on
  • Keep off umpire stands unless umpiring. Keep children away from these.
  • Do not attempt to remove shuttlecocks from the lights or walls.
  • Comply with BHV’s Code of Conduct, Communications and Media and Child Protection Policies.
  • Comply with BHV’s Evacuation Procedures – Appendix 1
  • Report any damage or hazards to the Building Manager or the Committee by email at as soon as possible after the damage has occurred or hazard identified.

General Rules and Exclusions

Breaches of the following rules may lead to immediate removal from the facility or other facilities being used by BHV and the possibility of exclusion for any period deemed appropriate by the Committee or Building Manager:

    • No alcohol is to be brought onto or consumed in the court areas.
    • No glass is permitted in the court areas.
    • The entire building and surrounding areas pertaining to the Walter Mildenhall Park is SMOKE FREE
    • ALL persons in or around the facility or other facilities used by BHV are to be treated with all due respect regardless of age, race, creed, colour, gender or abilities.
    • Inappropriate behaviour of any type will not be tolerated, including but not limited to comments regarding gender, race, age, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, disability or appearance.
    • Physical abuse of any type may result in criminal charges being laid, including inciting physical abuse.