Hazard Identification Policy

Within Badminton Hall there are a number of identified hazards that are unable to be practicably rectified. These are listed below but it is acknowledged that there may be other hazards that have not yet been recognised as such that could lead to personal injury or harm. Therefore all persons using this facility are strongly urged to use common sense and judgement when occupying the Hall.

Recognised Hazards

  1. Stairs onto the stadium floor – the bottom stair riser is at least 70mm shorter than the other stairs leading down to the floor. This is due to a second floor being laid over the original floor and cannot be altered. Users must take care when descending stairs.
  2. There are a number of stairways of 14 or more steps. Four of these have handrails which should be used. The emergency stairs to the western end of the Lindsay Bamford Lounge do not have a handrail.
  3. There are also three sets of steps of 2 or 3 steps. These have no handrails.
  4. The majority of the floor surfaces can become slippery if liquids are spilled. All such spillages are to be cleaned up immediately.
  5. There are several loose mats in the foyer, kitchen and gym areas. These are necessary for the protection of both people and property and occupiers should take care of these possible tripping hazards.
  6. The hot water system is set at 60 degrees to ensure constant supply for showers and hand basins.
  7. The spectator seating area is benched and specifically designed for seating. There are stairways between each block of seats for access.
  8. The viewing room leading from the spectating area has very steep stairs and this area is not to be used by casual users of the Hall. Keep all children away from this area as there are also open areas for viewing that could lead to injury causing falls.
  9. The Lindsay Bamford Lounge has large glass viewing areas.
  10. The umpire stands are out of bounds to children not participating in sanctioned Hutt ValleyBadminton events.
  11. The Hutt Valley Badminton Hall is designed for sporting activities. There are inherent dangers in the sport that could lead to injuries and all people participating in badminton, or any other sanctioned sports such as Pickleball, table tennis, darts or indoor bowls, do so at their own risk.