Coaching Plan


This document outlines a plan for managing coaching at BHV for the 2020 – 2022 period


The BHV Strategic Plan –2020 -2022

Badminton is one of the leading participation sports in the Hutt Valley

Please see the attached BHV Strategic Plan for further information.

To support the vision and strategic work, BHV requires a Coaching Plan to manage its active volunteer coaches.

In scope

  • All active BHV volunteer and paid coaches1 (Strategic goal 1a, b and c).
  • Coaching for all Hutt Valley Badminton players (representative and non-representative)
  • In scope is support for both non-certified coaching capability and support for those that may be working towards certification; e.g. International Level 1 Coach certification (Strategic Plan goals 1b and 1c).
  • Practical and theoretical coaching skills.

Out of scope:

  • Funding and tailored individual support for Player development Officer.
  • Coaches that are not currently active in BHV
  • First aid/CPR skills (Strategic Goal 1e)
  • Development of the BHV coaches room (Strategic goal 4a).

Coaching Objectives 2020

  • Build coaching capability for all active BHV coaches- certified and non-certified (see Strategic Plan) to deliver fit-for-purpose, best-practice basic badminton coaching; including fitness, health/safety and injury prevention and management components to all BHV badminton players
  • Provide a positive and fun experience for all BHV coaches to build sustainable long term engagement with BHV.

Column 1
Establish a coaches blog within the BHV website to share coaching information
• Confirm scope
• Communications
• Security
• Post information in hard copy in coaches den
Develop implement monthly coaching development sessions for all active coaches.
• Develop schedule
• Appoint presenters
• Communicate to coaches
• Record attendance
• Identify additional needs
All active coaches are mentored to encourage and facilitate individual learning
• Buddy up coaches
• Messaging
• Review/modify arrangements as required
Column 1 Column 2
Column 1 Value Column 2 Value