COVID-19 Safety Plan

Business name:   Hutt Valley Badminton Association Inc.

Division/group:   All Areas

Date completed:  01 May 2020

Date distributed:

Revision date:

Manager approval: Building Manager

Name of manager:  Dave Cochrane

Worker Representative Consultation:

Development Officer

Name of Worker Representative:

Simone Naylor


What Will You Do?

Who Is Responsible?

What will be done to manage risks from restarting business after lockdown?

A maximum of staff members/Committee members/volunteers to man BHV offices or other areas of the facility at any one time. Handover of shifts to be managed by text messages. “Hot Desk” rules are to apply. Cleaning staff may be on-site but will liaise with those manning the access area to ensure there is no compromising of physical distancing rules.

Gallery, gym and stairways are to remain off-limits to anyone in the facility except contracted cleaning staff and those manning the access area. Only a single staff/Committee/volunteer/contractor to access the kitchen for tea making purposes only. Drinks and/or food may only be consumed in the office area except for contractors who will maintain physical distancing in the lounge area. Kitchen facilities and any related surfaces are to be wiped clean with antiseptic wipes after each use.

Toilet facilities will be “one in – one out”

Supply own personalized cups

Disposable tea/coffee/sugar bags to be used.

Opening hours are restricted, as are the number of people permitted on each available court.Your Content Goes Here

President or Building Manager

How will you ensure all your workers know how to keep themselves safe from exposure to COVID-19?

All Staff, Committee members, Contractors and Volunteers manning the Hall during Covid-19 Alert Levels 3, 2 and 1 will be advised of BHV policies by electronic conferencing or email. These policies cover the standard Health and Safety and Working Alone Policies as well as the Covid-19 special provisions.

President or Building Manager

How will you gather information on the wellness of your staff to ensure they are safe to work?

All personnel manning the facility during any of the Alert levels will be asked to advise of their general health each day they attend the Hall. A Staff/Volunteer check sheet will be placed in the main office and will be completed every time the staff member or other person is in attendance.

They will be required to confirm:

1. Their arrival and departure times.
2. Confirmation of feeling well.
3. If they feel unwell at any time they are to contact the Building Manager or President and go home immediately.
4. Take details of any contact made with people inside 2 m/who have traveled from overseas/who have Covid-19 or symptoms of Covid-19.


President or Building Manager

How will you operate your business in a way that keeps workers and others safe from exposure

to COVID-19?

A maximum of 2 staff members/Committee members/volunteers to be working at one time unless a Cleaning staff member and/or contractor is also on site. Correct physical distancing protocols and hand hygiene will be maintained.

BHV will keep up to date with the Ministry of Health recommended protocols pertaining to the Alert Level at any time.

All personnel working in the facility will be briefed regularly of these requirements.

All players or visitors MUST maintain appropriate physical distancing, hand hygiene and follow the User requirements while in the facility. These are clearly placed around the facility.

Court bookings and payment will be on line only. Entry by pre- booking ONLY. No casual drop-ins are permitted.

Contact details forms MUST be completed on line at the time of booking. Every person accompanying the card holder must be accounted for or turned away.

A maximum of 6 players are allowed per court – 4 playing and 2 seated in designated seating. NO other people may accompany the players.

Only Courts 1, 3, 5 and 7 are available for hire until further notice. Anyone found playing on Courts 2, 4 or 6 will be asked to leave the facility and the booking to which they are attached may be cancelled with no refund for the balance of the hire period.

President or Building Manager

How will you manage an exposure or suspected exposure to COVID-19?

  • Arrange immediate safe transport home – this will generally be by the individual’s own private vehicle
  • Provide all persons who may have been in contact, however remotely, with advice on contacting their GP and/or Healthline.
  • Provide details for contact tracing to the appropriate agencies.
  • Arrange immediate facility closure until a full facility Covid-19 cleaning regime has taken place

Building Manager

How will you evaluate whether your work processes or risk controls are effective?

On-going plans are adaptable and will be reviewed regularly taking into consideration:

  • Alert level
  • Current Ministry of Health guidelines
  • Concerns/suggestions from personnel working in the facility
  • Badminton New Zealand and Sport New Zealand guidelines.

President or Building Manager

How do these changes impact on the risks of the work that you do?

Staff not directly involved with running programmes will remain working from home until at least Covid-19 Alert Level 2 restrictions are lifted or relaxed to allow more freedom of work space.

All personnel manning the facility remain under the rules as outlined above and in our specific Health and Safety, Covid-19 and Working Alone policies and procedures.

Once some aspects of usual work, either paid or volunteer, are able to be undertaken then physical distancing and extra cleaning regimes will be in place.

Team leaders